Admission Open for JEE (Main+Advanced) & MHT-CET Course

"We create an environment that encourages students to teach themselves"

JEE Batch Starting Form : 27 July 2021; CET Batch Starting Form : 03 August 2021

(For students going to class 11th in 2021)

Information Regarding Admission

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  • Mock Test Paper for Self Assessment click here.

  • Self Assessment Test Duration : 1 Hour 30 Min

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How To apply for Spectrum's Scholarship Exam:

The academic world is highly competitive, more so now than ever before. The college application process is no exception. The entrance examinations such as JEE-Main, JEE-Advanced, BITSAT, MH-CET etc. are becoming more and more competitive and thus the challenges for an examination taker are increasing everyday. SPECTRUM helps you develop a competitive mindset and strong foundation of knowledge and concepts. Scholarship exam will cunduct after lifting the lockdown. Scholarship exam registration fee - 500/-.

Knowing the student is the foremost step if one wishes to guide him on to a right career path. We try to know the student through various testing mechanisms, and then make him aware about his/her personality, interests, values, passions and aspirations.


  • Academic performance in past years.

  • Career aspirations and goals.

  • Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

  • Problem solving skills.

  • Learning habits.

  • Behavioral attitude (EQ).

If you are interested in taking admission in our program, we encourage you visit our centre to meet us, see our institute, know us, and assess if we are the right fit for you .we urge you to take a prior appointment with us by calling us so that we will be well prepared to serve you.

On meeting us, if you find that we are the right institute for you, we suggest you to get through the admission process.

If you are convinced that you want to start with the admission process, the first step in the admission process is the registration and purchase of application packet worth Rs.500/-

At the time of registration you can choose the application date according to your convenience.

Our admissions process is highly impersonal . This Admission Process is a holistic, intense and time taking one. It is enlightening and appropriate. Every step of the process is essential. We don't believe in a one-dimensional measure of child's aptitude based on problem solving. Our Admission Process consists of enabling the student to discover himself. Its purpose is to provide the right career guidance to the student. This Process will be in three steps:

  • Written feedback about student's career aspirations, goals, strengths & weaknesses, study habits and behavioral traits from the viewpoint of both parents and student.

    (The information is utilized in totality to discuss whole gamut of questions pertaining to child's career)

  • General Aptitude Test of 1 hr duration, which contains problems based on mental ability.

    (This test can give transparency about student's Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Problem solving skills.)

  • Scholastic Aptitude Test of 1 hr duration, which contains problems of Maths and Science based on class Xth syllabus.

    (this test will provide us child's aptitude for problem solving )

Through this process admissions officer get a glimpse of who you really are and what sets you apart from all the rest.

Two Years Course for JEE Main+Advanced & MHT-CET

(For Students Going to Class XI in 2021)




JEE Batch 1

Direct Admission

26 April 2021 (Admission Closed)

JEE Batch 2

Direct Admission

17 May 2021 (Admission Closed)

CET Batch 1

Direct Admission

24 May 2021 (Admission Closed)

JEE Batch 3

Direct Admission

14 June 2021 (Admission Closed)

CET Batch 2

Direct Admission

21 June 2021 (Admission Closed)

JEE Batch 4

Direct Admission

27 July 2021

CET Batch 3

Direct Admission

03 August 2021