( FAQ )

What courses do you offer for each class ?

We offer classroom programs for students of Class X to XI Moving various competitive examinations like JEE-Main, JEE-Advanced, NEET-UG, Olympiads, BITSAT, MHT-CET and other engineering competitive exams & pre-foundation program for class 8th or 9th moving students.

Why should we trust you ?

Successfully completed 13 Years with best result in Engineering Entrance Exam. Our team members have been in coaching industry for several years. Our faculty team is one of the most enthusiastic team in Nashik for engineering/medical competitive exams coaching and has build and led academic departments in the past.

We have separate batches for JEE (Main+Advanced) NEET-UG and MHT-CET programs, which is also the concept of Kota's education system. A child may have the potential to score well in all the three subjects, but due to the unavailability of faculty members who can train the child, most institutes kill a student's interest in other subjects and just focus on the subject(s) in which they have their faculty available. Since our faculty members are capable of training for all the three subjects, we will encourage the students to test their potential in all the subjects and we are hopeful that we'll be able to train students to achieve the best.

What are the advantages of the strategies you are using ?

Real-time monitoring & assessment and personalized coaching are the three top utilities of our strategies. Based on the learning curve of the student, the student is advised to balance his/her studies between various competitive exams including JEE-Advanced, JEE-Main, NEET-UG, BITSAT, MHT-CET (Engineering), XII Board & Olympiad exams etc.

Every student's uniqueness in terms of his perception (cognitive) abilities, comprehension, analytics, synthesis and application are recorded. We are therefore in full command of developing the student capabilities with the highest precision.

What is your fee structure ?

The fee is given at every program´s page.

How many students will you teach in a class ?

Our class strength would be around 60-90 students on an average.

Do we need to join any other class for the preparation school examination ?

No, you need not to join any other classes. We will take care of all your requirements for Phyics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology & Other subjects for class XI and XII.

Do you provide transportation for students ?

Not at the moment. It is parents' responsibility to arrange transportation for their child.

The selection ratio for JEE is very low. What would happen to a student who doesn't get selected in JEE?

Every student is assigned full time coaching who will take responsibility for a student's career. Through our regular assessment and feedback methodology, we will prepare our students for not only JEE but all related competitive exams. If along the way we feel that a student is struggling with JEE preparation, with mutual consent of parents and student, we will put them in MHT-CET batches. If a student continues to struggle, we will find other career options for them and guide them in the right direction along with helping them in preparing for board exams. We are ready to walk all the way with every student during re-aligning of their goals until their goals are achieved. We'll also help them calibrate their goals if needed and instill confidence among them to select correct career path which are equally rewarding based on their strengths.

How do we enroll for a program at Spectrum ?

For enrollment in any program, first you need to fill application form (to appear in the entrance exam) which are available at our study center.
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